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New PPC Campaign

Today at boxChilli we are working on a number of client projects & I personally am advising a client on their new PPC Campaign using Google Adwords  and overall digital stragety. We find Google adwords is a very useful tool at the start of any digital marketing campaign, working arm in arm with SEO, to give the client an initial online visibility boost.

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Google forced to delete irrelevant links

Individuals now have the right to control what is published about them on the web and ask search engines to remove irrelevant or untrue links to information about them from their results pages, rules European Court.

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Creating a Unique Brand Voice

The importance of creating a unique ‘voice’ for your brand should not be overlooked. Without a cohesive voice, you may soon find that your business struggles to resonate with its target demographic and that blogs, newsletters and social media communications seem uneven, unclear or uncertain.

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